Email & pURL Marketing, Direct Mail, Social Media Programs ...

......... different technologies, different people, different budgets ...

.............. how do you integrate it all under a single easy-to-manage strategy?



Think of the advantages of creating and managing all your marketing programs with a single integrated online platform and administrative interface, driven by a single contact database and multi-channel communications engine - and have a single reporting structure to measure the results!!

Of course, you know what we are going to say next.

Here it is ...

... We have the solution for you.



Rely on GYC Group and the fully integrated rave7 Marketing and business automation platform to manage your programs; no software for you to acquire or support, no separate platforms for you to stitch together.

Do it yourself; it's an easy-to-use self-service integrated Marketing platform.

  • Marketing channel integration: integrated print, email and pURL (personalized URLs and campaign landing pages) with links to social media
  • Automated email campaigns: let the automated response email notifications and acknowledgement do the work for you
  • pURL marketing: Dynamically generate the personalized URL addresses, map them into the emails and mailer print files, and link them to the pURL landing pages
  • Automated Analytics: track responses and campaign effectiveness through the automated Analytics engine and response reporting portal
  • Automated CRM record history update: all campaign activity and response data is automatically transferred back to the CRM records, for informed customer communications and future campaign fine-tuning
Or, engage us to do it all for you if you don't have the time or resources to do it yourself.
  • We will be your staff, running your campaigns on your own licensed hosted SaaS rave7 Marketing platform
  • We can provide email, PURL landing page, micro-site and printed mailer design and development services
  • We can configure your CRM specific to your campaign requirements, and import your files into the CRM database
  • We will plan, create and execute your email and pURL marketing programs
  • We will develop the variable data elements for the emails, PURL landing pages and printed mailers
  • We can procure / produce the printed mailers, manage the physical maildrop and Canada Post reporting