Marketing Solutions That Drive Real Revenue and Customer Engagement!


No Marketing blah blah, buzzwords or canned solution pitches ...

Just real-world working tools, processes and resources to drive revenue
and improve targeted communications and engagement with your audiences.


How? We ask a lot of questions to learn about your:   
         Business Priorities & Challenges  
  Customer-Facing Processes            
.  Revenue & Growth Objectives 
...and only then...


      ....      We create a working Marketing and Communications Plan
based on your specific requirements, and apply relevant process automation
tools and technology - if & where needed - that will help drive your objectives.

See Below For Examples of Innovative Process Automation Solutions!

Are Your Marketing Resources Driving the Revenue, Response and Customer Engagement That You Need?

Your Website: Online Brochure...or Interactive Business Platform?

Enhance marketing effectiveness to generate revenue: automate critical marketing,  customer acquisition, communications and service processes, and drive ongoing customer engagement!

Strategic Contact Management (CRM) That Drives Revenue!

Strategic contact profiling and segmentation enables highly targeted personalized communications, ensures messaging relevance, improves response and conversion rates, enhances client engagement and more...

See how a strategic CRM plan and properly configured CRM platform will support your key business priorities and objectives.

Multi-Channel Marketing & Communications

Your markets and customers rely on a variety of touchpoints and channels to communicate and to search for vendors like you - are your marketing and communication tools keeping pace?  What is your audience reading and where are they looking?

Setting up and managing the range of tools and executing the right mix of communication channels and programs is a challenge.   

Find out how GYC Group can help you meet it.

Examples of Process Automation Solutions That Drive REAL MEASURABLE BUSINESS VALUE!

Sports League & Team Marketing & Fan Communications

All the web and multi-channel sports marketing tools you need, integrated into a single self- service toolset! 
AG00092_.GIF  Create innovative web & campaign landing pages, player rosters and photo galleries using the CMS module
AG00092_.GIF  Generate personalized fan engagement campaigns with the integrated CRM and Campaign Manager modules
AG00092_.GIF  Build dynamic links and traffic with your social media sites.

Event Promotion, Registration and e-Payment

Special events, product launches, seminars, trade shows, training or sporting events ...
AG00092_.GIF  Single events or full scheduled event series
AG00092_.GIF  Publish online Event pages using the integrated CMS tools
AG00092_.GIF  Send personalized Event notices and invitations using the CRM contact database and Campaign Manager
AG00092_.GIF  Enable secure online registrations, e-payment and automated follow-up.

Association Member Management and Communications

Associations, industry & user groups, not-for-profits ...
AG00092_.GIF  Flexible member profiling, preferences and subscription packages
AG00092_.GIF  Creative personalized member communications, e-newsletters, offers, automated renewal reminders and online payments
AG00092_.GIF  Secure log-in controlled access to exclusive online member resources
AG00092_.GIF  All in a single integrated self-service online platform.

Automated Online Staff Requests, Scheduling & Booking

Automated professional staff client appointment requests, staff scheduling and booking ...
AG00092_.GIF  Mobile-enabled for convenience
AG00092_.GIF  Improve process speed, efficiency and accuracy and reduce admin costs
AG00092_.GIF  Unique secure calendar views for admin, staff, clients
AG00092_.GIF  Automated communications are driven by profile, staff availability and skillset and client requirements data from the integrated CRM.

GYC Group:  Expertise With Ease!

Web-based marketing process automation, program management and improved bottom line ...
      ... when you need the results but don't have the internal resources to do it yourself.