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GYC Group's integrated marketing and communication solutions and program execution services are built around the rave7™ SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, a hosted cloud-based and fully integrated suite of Marketing and business automation tools. As you look through the platform overview below, think of the potential business benefits of such a unique process automation solution:

  • Self-service: we train you how to maintain your own content in all modulesintegratedplatformimage4jpg with no special technical skills - if you wish to do so - including web page and content creation and maintenance. Or you can engage us to do it for you!
  • Fully integrated: no individual components to research, test, cobble together and maintain on your own
  • Software-as-a-Service: browser-based, no in-house software to install, support or update
  • Automated processes: fully automated lead generation, communications and customer relationship nurturing
  • Flexibility: virtually unlimited configuration possibilities for contact profiling and stakeholder communications
  • eCommerce integration: convenient online shopping and logistics management; integrated with CRM and the website.
rave7™ Assets: the foundation of the rave7™ platform is a feature-rich and easy-to-use self-service CMS (content management and digital asset management system). The CMS enables user Administrators without special technical skills or training to cost effectively build and maintain websites and pages, micro-sites and pURL marketing campaign landing pages, securely managing a broad range of digital assets (files, videos, documents, images, templates etc.) in the internal asset library.

The CMS includes a host of powerful functional "plug-ins" or apps that can be dragged and dropped onto any web page, turning a simple online brochure into an interactive business development tool, including event calendars, picture galleries, video viewers, shopping carts, registration forms with e-payment, social media links, secure logins to private pages, document downloaders and many more. The internal form builder enables fast easy plug-in customization and online form creation.


rave7™ Communications / CRM: the core solution includes a fully-featured Contact Relationship Manager to easily build contact / client profiles and manage relationships, drive integrated Multi-channel Marketing (MCM) email / print / pURL and web marketing campaigns, and fine-tune contact profiles and campaign parameters with data generated by the campaigns (Analytics). This is all intended to enhance stakeholder communications, generate and nurture new sales leads and relationships, and help drive new sources of revenue. Of course rave7™ is fully interactive, automatically responding to recipients and notifying Administrators every time someone responds to an email, clicks on a pURL address, completes an online form, requests an action etc., ensuring timely and accurate response management and follow-up.


rave7™ eCommerce / Digital Storefront: your online store can be seamlessly integrated with the other modules to enable user-friendly online shopping (products, documentation, marketing collateral, print assets etc.), with a powerful optional Logistics management module that manages warehousing, domestic and international shipping, provides real-time multi-carrier shipping cost comparisons at shopping cart checkout, and ensures highly competitive shipping rates based on international carrier agreements.


rave7™ Services / Help Desk: to round out the unique market position and business value proposition, there is an optional automated Help Desk / Customer Support module to maximize customer service levels and customer satisfaction ratings, managing incoming service calls from multiple channels, creating incident tickets, automating and tracking responses, escalating issues and managing Service Level Agreement (SLA) conformance and renewals.

The Services module also includes an Event Manager that automates event creation, management, promotion, registration with online payments and event schedule publication on dedicated web pages, as well as a simple Project / Task Manager that automates project and task creation, task assignment and tracking, notifications, timeline management and reporting.


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